Winter is coming!

It appears it’s going to happen. Temperatures are too high in Gerlos at the moment, but all of that is going to change starting next week. We might be walking around in t-shirts right now, but we’ll have to change them for a winter frock as from next week.

Temperatures will plummet and this is absolutely necessary. Another heat record has been broken this week in Gerlos. All these warm days are fun and all, but we want winter to start. Luckily the man upstairs is listening, because as of next week, things are going to cool off substantially in our pretty little mountain village.

Snowline will drop below 1.200 meters

If forecasts are true, we will get a fresh layer of snow on our main street. This is still far away in the future though, because it is forecasted to happen next weekend. In the near future, snow is to be found at the altitude of about the Isskogel mountain station. We will be satisfied with some 15 to 20 cm of freshies, but even those predictions are unsure.

Will the Arena Center at the Isskogel look like this again?

One thing is for sure, it is going to cool down and the extremely warm temperatures this October will end. If there will be some snow involved in this process, is still uncertain. At least this time to come does look winterly and that is all that matters to us right now.

See you soon in Gerlos!

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